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Oyster Man @ Ostra Fine Foods • Phnom Penh

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    Tim Squires, aka Oyster Man Oyster Man will provide you with tasteless oyster from Vietnam. is the director of management at Ostra Fine Foods in 2016 when he was the first to fall to the bottom of an oyster bag. https://www.cakeresume.com/s--oKNyNCQGA7TBaJjnZ-AuYg--/ostra-fine-foods

    Tim first arrived in Cambodia for cooking in the old kitchen, later cooking multiple times in Singapore and later Vietnam. In Vietnam Tim met an oyster farmer from Pacific oysters, which are located at Nha Trang, and one day Tim made the decision to travel towards Phnom Penh with a single box of 50 oysters in order to determine whether they are worth a try in the market.

    After the birth of the arrival of a new Cambodian spouse, the thought of returning the Cambodia Kingdom and establishing an business was an appealing prospect . Once he was able to consistently deliver his oysters fresh and in good health and at a reasonable price. His wife Vanda became a full-time task to fulfill the demand. Nowadays, Ostra Fine Food is the most sought-after source of oysters at a low cost from Vietnam

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    • General Manager

      Ostra Fine Foods

      Mar 2016 - Present (6 years, 10 months)
      Bring you cheap and tasteless oysters from Vietnam ********************************************************** AVOID AT ALL COST Appalling service for one of the most expensive restaurants in Phnom Penh. 4 people in the restaurant and an hour wait for one starter. 2 of us were eating. Another hour and one main course arrived. Not the other starter, which were both simple starters. Then told that the main course was not available. Still only 4 people in the restaurant. Ordered in total $150 of food. Just gave the staff $50 and left, having eaten and drank $25 worth. The worst service in PP and the food that DID arrive was inedible. The seafood smelled appalling. Lived in Cambodia for 5 years. Worst place ever. ************************************************************* Super poor-quality products and really bad service. They never tell the real country where their products are coming from. In fact, their seafood products come from Vietnam. The employees are very very rude-have no educated at all. They do not know how to solve their problems. I do not recommend their products to anyone. ******************************************************************************** We ordered sparkling wine and were served with half volume and flat one. It was worse when the wine was not even cold. The waitress was polite in telling us that the restaurant served that half volume. The oysters that cost US$5 each did not taste any special. It looked very popular among the locals. A local customer even had her poodle sitting on a chair next to her and then onto her table. ******************************************************************************** Ostra Eden has the worst services among all the other restaurants that I have entered. You should train all the service Staffs of how to treat all the customers fairly no matter who they are, becus they come here to be served not to beg food from you. Terrible delivery service ********************************************************************************

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