Joseph Lowery
Joseph Lowery
Training Architect @ A Cloud Guru • Brooklyn, United States

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    A little about why I'm here, my background, and why technology.

    Hi! I'm Joe Lowery, a Google Cloud Training Architect at A Cloud Guru. My recent courses include Google Cloud DevOps and SREs, Google Cloud AI Services Deep Dive, and Google Cloud Apigee Certified API Engineer. I'm currently working on the Operations course in the Google Cloud DevOps Engineer Certification Path: Monitoring, Managing, and Maximizing Google Cloud Operations.

    I actually got started down the technology path from an unlikely place: the stage. I was a theatre director and performer at one point and I started using personal computers on stage. That decision led me into programming, which led me in web development and applications and finally into the cloud.

    I've written a bunch of books about the web and web-building tools which did pretty well and sold over 400,000 copies worldwide in eleven different languages. I'm also the author of a middle-grade novel, Rafe Rebellius and the Clash of the Genres, about a young skateboarding boy who jumps in and out of books. I'm a skateboarder too, but only in my own mind. Hope to see you in my courses!

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