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    My pussy feels so wet and hot on your dick and I begin to slide myself down on it, slowly slipping down inch by inch. Once your feet are free, you bend your knees up and after planting your feet flat on the bed; you lift your hips up hard and ram the rest of your cock deep inside me. After I let out a shocked but pleasurable cry, I begin to rock back and forth, enjoying how full your rigid meat feels inside me. I hear you moan something that sounded like "Yes, fucking ride me baby".

    Mean while, as Candy crawls up towards you, your eyes are watching her breasts sway a little as she moves. When she gets up next to your head, she kneels and reaches up and starts to untie your hands. You suddenly break free and grab her by the hips. You lift her up and position her to straddle over your face, and bring her hips down until her trimmed little cunt is right over your mouth.

    As I continue to slide up and down on your big dick, you slide your hot tongue in between Candy’s pussy lips licking up and down. Candy lets out a loud sensual moan and spreads her legs wider and tilts her pussy more into your mouth. Your tongue goes further inside her juicy hole and begins to flick back and forth and up and down her clit.

    I become very hot knowing your mouth is pleasuring her and lean back a little and really begin to grind my pussy harder and faster on your cock. I’m so wet now; the base of your shaft is soaked. When I have a good rhythm, I reach back and lightly massage your balls in my hand. Your legs spread for me and now I’m cupping them and caressing them. I can hear you moan against Candy’s wet pussy. This drives her crazy and she starts to move her pussy in circles against your tongue. She is also dripping wet.

    Your hands now move in between her legs to cover the fur on the outside of her pussy and your thumb slips in and begins to rub fast against her swollen clitty while your tongue darts in and out of her hot hole. You are using the same pace that I am doing on your throbbing cock. Candy suddenly begins to shiver against your mouth and you hold her hips still and feel her cum with your tongue still flicking inside her.

    After Candy moves off your face and lays down next to us, you now reach down to me and guide my hips back and forth, now pumping your hips up against me. Now you want to cum. You are driving your cock even deeper inside my soft hot pussy. Wanting to make me scream, I feel you slip your thumb inside my pussy and rub my clitty too as I ride you faster and harder. Then you stop my hips and just cum so hard and deep inside me, you growl. I stay on top of you for a minute and then slide off and lay down too.

    Then I get up and pad across the room in my bare feet, walking into the bathroom. I come back with a wet towel to clean you off, but I stop and watch Candy licking your meat clean. Dropping the towel, I join her and our tongues work hard over your cock and nuts, until you are clean. Candy and I snuggle up against you….drifting off to sleep against you..... you and your big smile.

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